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Development Incentive Program By-law

By-law Number:
Development Incentive Program By-law

Amended By
By-law No. 4752 - A by-law to amend Development Incentive Program By-law No. 4534 to include Integrated Parking Structures

By-law No. 4784 - A by-law to amend the Development Incentive By-law No. 4534, as amended, to increase the incentive for relocation of “industrial uses” to Engle Business District, from a five year declining tax abatement (100%-80-60%-40%-20%) to a seven year declining tax abatement (100%-90%-80%-70%-60%-50%-40%).

By-law No. 4788 - A by-law to amend Zoning By-law No. 4404, as amended, to: Increase the distance which applicants can provide parking from their development from 150 metres of the development site to anywhere within the Downtown zone; Increase the amount of parking which developers can meet via payment of cash-in-lieu from 25% to 50%; Reduce the payment-in-lieu fee calculation for motor vehicle parking from 1.5 to 1 times the value of the land and construction costs (including paving) for the equivalent amount of parking required on the affected site; Allow, subject to Council approval, applicants to donate to the City the equivalent land area to meet the Zoning By-law’s off-street parking requirements; Allow developments with current surface parking lots approved under a previously approved Development Permit to apply to transfer the required parking to a parking structure in the Downtown zone; and Allow a developer to provide a car-share vehicle and stall which shall serve as the equivalency of the parking requirements for six multi-family dwelling units in all residential zones.

By-law No. 4796 - Amends Development Incentive By-law No. 4534 to remove references to the CT and CC Zones and replacing them as required with reference to the DT Zone.

By-law No. 4828 - A by-law to amend Development Incentive Program By-law No. 4534 to provide for five-year tax abatement on commercial portion of eligible Residential Intensification applications and Residential Intensification projects.

By-law No. 4842 - A by-law to amend Development Incentive By-law No. 4534, to provide for the option of the Residential Intensification Incentive (five year and extended period) to be provided in the form of a tax abatement for year 1 and, at Council discretion, a grant for years 2 and beyond for only the Primary Area through the Downtown Reserve based on the present value of the projected tax abatement over the prescribed period.

By-law No. 4884 - A by-law to amend Development Incentive By-law No. 4534, by removing Section 20 "Term".