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University Post-Secondary Advisory Committee


Council established the University/Post-Secondary Advisory Committee (UPAC) and adopted the Terms of Reference on May 28, 2018.

The purpose of the Committee is to assist the City in an advisory capacity by considering and making recommendations to Council through the appropriate Standing Committee of Council on the feasibility and opportunities for advancing the establishment of a university/post-secondary institution in Yellowknife, and the associated benefits.

A key focus will include building the case for the establishment of a polytechnic university in Yellowknife, as articulated in the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Aurora College Foundational Review.

The role of the UPAC is to provide advice and guidance to the City on the scope and content of the Study, bring forward information and ideas that can contribute to the work underway, and collaborate on assessing options, recommendations and next steps so that there can be a coordinated and collaborative approach to advancing the presence of a university/post-secondary institution in Yellowknife.   

The  University/Post-Secondary Advisory Committee consist of members appointed by Council and include the following members:

  • The Mayor of the City of Yellowknife - ex-officio: Rebecca Alty
  • One (1) Member of City Council: Julian Morse
  • Two (2) non-voting advisory representatives from the Government of the Northwest Territories:

         i)     One (1) representing the Department of Education, Culture and Employment: Andy Bevan

         ii)    One (1) representative with expertise in knowledge, research and leadership: Tracy St. Denis

  • Two (2) representatives from the Yellowknife business community: Tom Andrews and Nick Lawson
  • One (1) recent graduate from a university/post-secondary institution: Jennifer Pit
  • Up to four (4 )representatives from academic independent research organizations (such as University of Alberta, Institute for Circumpolar Health Research, Hotii T’seeda, Dechinta, etc): Susan Chatwood, Josee Clermont, Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox and Steve Kokelj
  • Up to four (4)  representatives from Indigenous Governments and/or research institutes attached to Indigenous Governments: Giselle Marion, Treeva Richardson, Catherine Lafferty and Kelsey Wrightson
  • Any additional representation as deemed appropriate: Yacub Adam, Stephen Ellis, Roger Epp and Lisa Giovanetto

The UPAC shall meet as required to provide support to the Study. Next meeting date is to be determined.

Council adopted for information the University Feasibility and Benefits Study on January 28, 2019.

 University/Post-Secondary Advisory Committee Minutes