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Smart Cities Vision image

The City of Yellowknife has submitted a proposal to Infrastructure Canada's Smart Cities Challenge Program. Our proposed concept is to make the lamppost a beacon for sustainability.

Benefits include ecological, financial and social sustainability, which we will realize by incorporating a variety of technological innovations into the lampposts around our city to improve quality of life for our residents and visitors in several ways.

Using smart technology, with the lamppost as our connecting point, we hope to transform the city.

The spirit behind the proposal emphasizes the vision we have for our city.  We want to be a connected city.  Connected to the nature that surrounds us and that we depend on for our well-being.  Connected to each other, through partnerships and engagement. 

Connected through technology and innovation that can make residents’ life easier and municipal services more effective.  Connected to the world by leveraging Yellowknife as a prime tourist destination and economic and innovation hub of the North.

Transforming the ubiquitous lamppost into a beacon for sustainability is the backbone of Yellowknife's planned approach to become a Smart City.

 Smart Cities Technology infograph

The potential for lampposts to be the foundation of a smart city lies primarily in their ability to act as the network to move information gathered by a range of sensors. The list of potential sensors below was informed by research from our technology partners. There is a vast and growing list of technologies that are possible here and they are further expanded by creativity and circumstance in how they might be used.

Sensor Technology image

View our application to the Smart City Challenge here. The City of Yellowknife is entered into the $5M dollar prize category.

Thank you to the partners and community members who helped to make this possible.

Smart Cities Contest Timeline