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Advertising Opportunities


City of Yellowknife
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City Hall
4807 - 52 Street
P.O. Box 580
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N4
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P: (867) 920-5600
F: (867) 920-5649
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The City of Yellowknife has various advertising opportunities for you!

Facilities: Arenas, Fieldhouse and Ruth Inch Memorial Pool
  • Advertising opportunities are available at the Multiplex and the Yellowknife Community Arena (YKCA) for a five year term.
  • Rates do not include GST.
Advertising in City arenas* Fee (per year for 5 year contract)
4' by 8' sign on wall (YKCA only) $716.26/sign per year
4' by 8' sign on the ice level boards $955.25/sign per year
Name and logo on center ice surface $1,313.50/ice surface per year
Name and logo on non-centre ice surface $927.50/logo per year
Zamboni $2,507.50/ice surface per year
Advertising in Fieldhouse* Fees (per year for 5 year contract)
Field Board advertisements  
 a) Small - including players gates and maintenance gates (sizes range from 28" x 38" to 46" x 47") $695.50
 b) Large (approximately 46" x 102") $927.50
 c) Field gates $927.50
Glass panels (10" high x 27" long) $347.75
Track-level banners (4' x 8') $927.50
Advertising at Ruth Inch Memorial Pool* Fee (per year for 5 year contract)
4' x 8' sign on the wall $716.25
53" x 9.5" sign on the front railing $388.00

*The City offers a 15% discount off total advertising if advertising in more than one facility.

 Please contact the Director of Community Services for additional sponsorship opportunities at our recreation facilities.

Electronic Boards (Community Groups only)
Advertising Fee
Set-up charge $64.25/message
Weekly fee $7.00/message
Please contact the Booking Clerk for this advertising opportunity.
Recreation Guide

The City of Yellowknife sells full colour advertisement space in the Recreation Guide which is published three times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer). 

All advertisements must be camera-ready and submitted to the City by the deadlines posted for each edition.  Please complete Recreation Guide Advertisment Agreement and return to the City. For more information or to inquire about booking space in our next issue email or call 920-5624.  Space is limited!

Advertising in Recreation Guide Fee (per issue)
Inside full page $647.75
Inside half page $369.00
Inside quarter page $210.25
Inside eighth page $119.25


 Dimensions for Ads for Recreation Guide


Pricing and Sizing



(Height x Length)

Fee* Comments
Regular Routes** Express Routes***
Standard Interior Posters**** 21" x 35"



Posters are to be on thin flexible plastic. The listed size is the actual advertising space. Hardware attaches to back of sign and does not affect ad space.
Super Interior Posters 21" x 70" $16.00/Week $8.00/Week Posters are to be on thin flexible plastic. The listed size is the actual advertising space. Hardware attaches to back of sign and does not affect ad space. 
Exterior Posters - Side of Bus**** 20" x 96" $156.00/Week $78.00/Week Advertising hardware requires 1" of ad space. Actual advertising space 18"x94". Ads to be on solid, non-flexible material.

Full Wraps - Entire Bus (Front, Sides and Back)*****

Custom Design $23,660.00/Year $11,830.00/Year Available for 1 bus for a minimum duration of 1 year. Costs for bus down time to install ad to be charged to advertiser.

* Fee is for advertising space only - does not include sign/wrap(s) or specialized installation.

**Regular Routes run Monday through Saturday, 12 hours a day.

*** Express Routes run weekdays from September through June for 2 hours per day.

**** Minimum duration of contract for Interior Signs and Exterior Posters is 4 weeks.

***** Full wrap advertising available for 1 year duration only. Advertiser is responsible for additional charges should bus need to be taken out of service for installation of wrap.


Rates can also be viewed in the Fees and Charges By-law No. 4436.