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Economic Development Initiatives


Economic Development Strategy


The City of Yellowknife is committed to engaging our residents and businesses in growing and developing our community.

We support partnerships and initiatives that contribute to a diverse and vibrant local and regional economy, draw investment to Yellowknife and the NWT, and encourage new business and residents to join our growing and prosperous community. We enjoy working with local creative people and welcome your involvement in helping the City communicate better and enhancing our local economy.

The Economic Development Strategy is the result of learning from the past, using the knowledge of today and developing a vision for the future.  This vision sees Yellowknife as a city open for business, a diverse business community,  a dynamic, growing community and a talented and educated community.

Read more about the City of Yellowknife's 2014-2019 Economic Development Strategy:

City of Yellowknife's Economic Development Strategy 2020-2024

During deliberation of the 2019 Budget, Council approved the capital expenditure of $50,000 for the purpose of retaining  professional services to update the City of Yellowknife’s Economic Development Strategy that was completed in 2013.

To assist with development of the Strategy, Council established the Mayor's Task Force on Economic Development in May 2019. The Task Force provided feedback and direction throughout development of the Strategy. Interviews from a cross-section of key informants and a survey of local businesses were also conducted, the results of which helped inform the recommendations and priorities contained in the Strategy.

The purpose of the Economic Development Strategy 2020-2024 is to strengthen the economic base of the City and contribute to sustainable prosperity for residents and businesses.

At its meeting on April 14, 2020 Governance and Priorities Committee discussed a memorandum regarding whether to adopt for information the City of Yellowknife Economic Development Strategy 2020-2024. Committee recommended that Council adopt for information the City of Yellowknife Economic Development Strategy 2020-2024.

At its meeting on April 27, 2020 Council adopted for information the City of Yellowknife Economic Development Strategy 2020-2024.

Downtown Revitalization Vision

On September 11, 2017 City of Yellowknife Council voted in favour to adopt A Downtown Revitalization Vision for Yellowknife. The Vision was initially presented to the Municipal Services Committee in a Memo on August 28.

Downtown Patio and Public Washroom Incentives


On June 19, 2017 City of Yellowknife Council passed Motion #0122-17 establishing a Downtown Patio Incentive and a Public Washroom Incentive.

Downtown Sidewalk Patios

  1. Applicant is issued a Downtown Sidewalk Patio Permit. Application package.
  2. Applicant completes construction of the Sidewalk Patio.
  3. City of Yellowknife Planner conducts a site visit to confirm that the patio has been constructed in accordance with the issued Downtown Sidewalk Patio Permit.   
  4. Applicant submits proof of construction costs to the Department of Planning and Development
  5. Department of Planning and Development verifies construction costs and authorizes issuance of the grant.

Public Washrooms

  • Applicant contacts Department of Economic Development and Strategy (EDS) at 867.920.5600 or and provides written consent from landlord indicating the existing washroom in the tenants building is to be designated as a public washroom.
  • CED confirms location is a non-government property.
  • Applicant and landlord sign Public Washroom Agreement / Release Form.
  • City provides signage to be displayed.
  • City of Yellowknife issues $500 to applicant.

 Agriculture Strategy

To find out more information on the City's Agriculture Strategy and other reports go to our Reports and Publications page and select Economic Development.

 Wayfinding Strategy

The City launched the first of 6 wayfinding kiosks on October 6, 2020.

To find out more information on the City's Wayfinding Strategy and other reports go to our Reports and Publications page and select Economic Development.

Joint Economic Development Strategy - City of Yellowknife and YKDFN

 The Yellowknives Dene First Nation (YKDFN) and the City of Yellowknife (the City) are developing a Joint Economic Development Strategy and need your input!

The purpose of the Strategy is to support the communities of Yellowknife, Dettah and Ndilo in their efforts to maximize future economic growth and prosperity, to develop this partnership for future collaboration, and to benefit the residents of these communities. This strategy will acknowledge the short-term economic challenges of COVID-19, as well as discuss our prosperous shared future.

YKDFN and the City are seeking business and community input during this process through several engagement platforms to explore economic and business opportunities for the communities. Current public consultation that is ongoing is:

  • An online public survey (Deadline: August 3, 2020)
  • A phone survey calling local businesses in Yellowknife, Dettah and Ndilo (Starting July 20, 2020)

The City and the YKDFN have retained MDB Insight and Dillon Consulting Inc., experienced and respected consulting firms, to be involved throughout the Joint Economic Development Strategy’s development process and all community engagement aspects of the project. 

For more information contact: Department of Economic Development and Strategy (EDS) at 867.920.5600 or 


 Expanding Your Business During COVID Application

We want to hear your ideas! 

Possible scenarios include: 

  • Utilizing the sidewalk adjacent to your business
  • Using outdoor spaces (parking) for patios, tents and kiosks
  • Street closure for multi-business sidewalk sale

However, all ideas will be considered. 

View our Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce Webinar for background information. We will help streamline the process so you are connected to the appropriate staff within five business days.

Apply to expand your business. Or for more information contact the us at or 920.5600.







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