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Planning and Development Initiatives


Welcome to the Planning and Development Department. Our Department is comprised of Planning and Lands and Building Inspections. Our services range from land administration to development permits and building permits.

Our current initiatives are presented below.

School Draw Parking and Gateway Node

In its 2017 Budget, Council approved the grading, paving, and rearrangement of the School Draw Parking and Old Town Gateway Node.  The City conducted public consultations for the School Draw Parking and Old Town Gateway Node. This site plays several key roles in the experience and operation of the City.  As the entrance to Old Town, it is the first impression visitors get of the area. This lot also has significant impact on the daily experiences of Yellowknifers as they travel between Old Town and Downtown by foot, bicycle, transit, or personal vehicle.  During the summer months, it is a popular location for parking boat trailers and vehicles used by boaters.  Year round, it serves as a critical lift station for trucked sewage properties as well as a sorting area for recyclable drop-off and collection.

Please click here for the results from the 2017 public consultations.

2018 Community Plan Review

The Community Planning and Development Act of the Northwest Territories requires that Council undertake a review of the Community Plan within eight years of it being adopted.  The City of Yellowknife adopted the most recent General Plan By-law No. 4656, as amended, in 2012.  The purpose of a community plan is to provide a policy framework to guide the physical development of a municipality, with regards to sustainability, the environment, and the economic, social and cultural development of the community.  This By-law requires a comprehensive review in order to provide the community with a framework to guide the development of Yellowknife.  A robust engagement strategy which tackles difficult community questions will be part of the project design, giving residents, business and stakeholders varied opportunities to be part of the vision for our community over the next 10-20 years.

Please check back here for updates as we begin our 2018 review. 

Planning and Development Operational Review

In 2017, Council completed an Operational Review of the Planning & Development Department. 
To read the review please click here.

In response to the Operational Review, Administration prepared an Implementation Plan, which you can read here.

Building By-law Review

Council recently approved a review of the City's Building By-law.  The current Building By-law fails to address a multitude of new, changed and local circumstances.  Due to the number of changes, Administration recommended repealing and replacing the current by-law which will allow Administration to properly address many of the concerns brought forward by members of the development community, the business community and Administration.  After a period of review, Administration will bring forward a new By-law with the goals of streamlining the process, enhancing customer service by providing clarity of process, and providing better tools for staff. 

For more detail please click here.

Multi-Use Building Study

In 2017 Council approved a multi-use building study for the 50/50 lots in Yellowknife's Downtown.

Please check back here for updates as we further develop this project to coincide with our Downtown Vision. 

Capital Area Committee

On July 26, 2017 Council adopted By-law No. 4940, a by-law to approve the Capital Area Development Plan (the “Plan”). The Capital Area is that area of Yellowknife located around Frame Lake and is home to some important functions in the region, such as the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, City Hall, RCMP, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Department of National Defence, as well as beautiful scenery, trails and connections to our collective history.  The Plan has an associated Committee called the Capital Area Committee and is guided by a Terms of Reference.  The Committee’s main role is to oversee the implementation of the Capital Area Development Plan.

We Would Like to Hear From You

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about our current initiatives.  Please get in touch with us to learn more about the Department.  We welcome feedback and suggestions.

To contact the Director of Planning and Development, please submit your inquiry to our Feedback form