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Bookings and Rentals


Fieldhouse Booking Clerk


The following facilities and equipment are available for rent through the City of Yellowknife.

Facilities Equipment
  • ski chalet
  • swimming pool
  • bleachers
  • security barricades
  • garbage bins (no charge)
  • recycling bins (no charge)

Availability and  Bookings:

To check availability, search our online system or contact the Booking Clerk.

For bookings at the pool and library,  please contact those facilities directly (contact information below).  All other facility and equipment bookings can be done through our Booking Clerk.


  • As of January 1, 2015, the facility rental rates now include the Infrastructure Replacement Fee.
  • A $500.00 maintenance/damage deposit fee is required for all liquor licensed events at all City facilities.  The deposit will be refunded following an inspection by a representative of the Community Services Department.

Ice Arena Rental Fee (per hour)
Adult (prime) $182.50
Adult (non prime*) $137.00
Youth (prime) $91.25
Youth (non prime*) $68.50
Adult/Youth (prime) $137.00
Adult/Youth (non-prime*) $102.75
Commercial Rate $235.50

Prime time is from 4:00 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

*non-prime is 75% of prime fee


Non-Ice Arena Rental (sports activity) Fee (per hour)
Adult $99.25
Adult/Youth $74.50
Youth $49.75


Main Floor Rental (non-ice activity)


Special Events      *Additional services at cost


    Non-profit group:

    Profit or commercial group: $2,855.25/day
Auxiliary power supply (reel/day) - YKCA only $41.75/day
'A' Frame connector/power cart connection $166.50/day
Skate sharpener space $166.50/month
Bank machine space $166.50/month


Multiplex Convention Rate Fee

This rate applices when all elements of the facility are booked by a single user (i.e. both arenas, gym, meetin groom, and lobby)

includes up to 400 chairs and 160 tables



Portable Floor Rental Fee
One day (includes set-up and take-down $1,935.25/day
Each additional day $1,059.00/day


Other Fee
Arena lobby



Exclusive use of YKCA parking lot (includes full access to arena washrooms, provided that the rental does not conflict with any regularly scheduled events or programs being held in existing facilities) refundable deposit plus:
    Non-profit group: $774.25/day + 500.00 refundable deposit
    Profit or commercial group: $1,474.75/day + 1,000.00 refundable deposit
YKCA car washes $79.25/day

*Please note that only Coca Cola products are permitted in the Multiplex. Thank you to Yellowknife Beverages for their sponsorship of this facility.

Classrooms & Multiplex PSAV Room Fee (per hour)
Youth $11.75
Youth/Adult $17.50
Adult $23.25
PSAV Room - Corporate $57.25
 Item Fee (item/day)
 Bleachers (20' x 8'; 5-tier; 50 people max.; includes City delivery) $94.50 + $200 refundable deposit
 Picnic tables (limited quantities) $20.25
 Security barricade $54.00/10 sections plus $200 damage deposit
 Snow Fencing (100') $27.75/100'
 Garbage cans no charge
Delivery/Pick-up charge and/or additional staff $67.25/hour
 Commercial/For-profit group

$2,855.25/day or


 Adults (prime)  $128.00/hour
 Adults (non-prime*)  $96.00/hour
 Adults (off season**)  $64.00/hour
 Youth (prime)  $64.00/hour
 Youth (non-prime*)  $48.00/hour
 Youth (off season**)  $32.20/hour
 Adult/Youth (prime)  $96.00/hour
 Adult/Youth (non-prime*)  $72.00/hour
 Adult/Youth (off season**)  $48.00/hour
Climbing Wall - Adult $128.00/hour
Climbing Wall - Youth $64.00/hour
Climbing Wall - Adult/Youth $96.00/hour

Prime time is from 4:00 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

*non-prime is 75% of prime fee

**off season:  May 1 to August 30

 **Please note that only Pepsi products are permitted in the Fieldhouse. Thank you to Territorial Beverages for their sponsorship of this facility.

Fields & Ball Diamonds
Parker Park ball diamonds; St. Joseph, Wm. McDonald & Range Lake school soccer fields Fee
Adult season use $285.00/team
Youth season use $142.50/team
Adult casual use $40.00/hour
Youth casual use $20.00/hour
Adult tournament (per diamond) $230.25/day
Adult/Youth tournament (per diamond) $172.75/day
Youth tournament (per diamond) $115.25/day


Wm. McDonald, N.J. Macpherson, Mildred Hall & Range Lake school ball diamonds Fee
Youth season use $29.75/team
Youth casual use $14.50/hour

Tenants are responsible for their own infield maintenance.  If the City workforce maintains the field, the tenant will be charged on a cost of service basis. 

Folk on the Rocks site
Folk on the Rocks site rentals $236.75/day
Folk on the Rocks sewer pump out $119.25

A $300.00 refundable maintenance deposit is required upon booking.  Lessee is reponsible for supply of water, security, electricity and washroom pump outs.

Large Gyms (Sir John, St. Pat's, Weledeh) Fee (per 50 mins.)
Youth $31.25
Youth/Adult $47.00
Adult $62.50


Medium Gyms (J.H. Sissons, Range Lake, St. Joseph, Willliam McDonald, Multiplex) Fee (per 50 mins.)
Youth $22.25
Youth/Adult $33.50
Adult $44.50


Small Gyms (Mildred Hall, N.J. Macpherson) Fee (per 50 mins.)
Youth $17.75
Youth/Adult $26.50
Adult $35.25


Multiplex Gym - corporate, bingos, fundraising* Fee
Daily gym rental rate (8 hours) $891.75/day
Hourly rate (maximum of 7 hours) $104.25/hour
Floor coverings $134.25

*including tradeshows, conferences, parties, private functions, weddings, dances, concerts, cabarets, etc.

Tables, chairs, stage, etc. extra


Tournaments/Special Events Fee (per day)
Large gym  - Adult $502.75
Large gym - Youth $251.50
Medium gym* - Adult $427.00
Medium gym* - Youth $213.50

*other than Multiplex gym


Commercial Special Events Fee
Weledeh/St. Patrick's school Twin $167.50/hour
Weledeh/St. Patrick's gymnasium complex



Other Outdoor Facilities
Rotary Waterfront Park (day use area), City Hall back lawn, Government Dock and YKCA stage area* Fee
Hourly rental $36.00
Half day $144.00
Full day $288.00


Government Dock Fee
Seasonal Vending $546.25
Canoe Storage $218.50


Other outdoor facilities* Fee
Tennis Club seasonal court rental $968.75/season
Float Plane Dock rental $927.50/year

 *For all park facility rentals, there is a $300.00 refundable maintenance deposit.  Lessee is reponsible for supply of water, security, electricity and washroom pump outs.

Ruth Inch Memorial Pool

 Please contact the pool at (867) 920-5683 or by email for all rental inquiries.

Rental type Prime time (per hour; GST not included) Non-prime (per hour; GST not included)
Youth/Student (private) $98.75 $74.00
Youth/Student (shared) $49.50 $37.25
Youth/Student lane rental $19.25 $14.75
Youth/Adult (private)
$148.25 $111.25
Youth/Adult (shared) $74.25 $55.75
Youth/Adult lane rental $29.75 $22.25
Adult (private) $197.50 $148.25
Adult (shared) $98.75 $74.00
Adult lane rental $39.50 $29.75
Commercial/For Profit (private) $283.25 $212.50
Sundeck* (barbeque included) $40.00 n/a
Additional lifeguards $55.50 n/a
Sponsored swim $375.00/event $375.00/event
  • Youth/Student is 17 years and under.  Adult is 18 years and older.
  • Prime time is from 4:00 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. Non-prime time is from midnight to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and from midnight to 8:00 a.m. on weekends.
  • Rental is 50 minutes with 10 minutes allocated for clean-up.
  • Private rentals are non-exclusive so there may be other activities happening (e.g. swimming lessons, deck rental, use of hot tub or showers).
  • Shared rentals are two or more groups using the facility or shared pool time during a Public or Family Swim.
  • An additional lifeguard fee is applied for groups wishing to use the Doobree.
  • *All solarium and deck rentals must include the additional lifeguard fee for clean-up and supervision
  • An additional lifeguard will be required if the renter wishes to use the ice mat during their rental period or the rental exceeds the 35 person limit which is included in the fee calculation.
  • The cost for larger rentals is calculated based on the number of guards required to supervise the rental and the length of the rental.  1 (one) additional lifeguard fee per hour is charged for each additional 35 people added to a rental.
Somba K'e Civic Plaza
Amphitheatre - hourly rental $68.00
Amphitheatre - half day $272.00
Amphitheatre - full day $544.00
Service Building - hourly rental** $34.50
Service Building - half day** $138.00
Service Building - full day** $276.00

**outside of regular operating hours

Yellowknife Public Library

Please contact the library at (867) 920-5642 or by email to book one of the rooms listed.

Meeting room Fee
Non-profit group

no charge

For-profit group


$229.00/half day


Payment Options

  • Credit cards are required for phone, email or online bookings.
  • Credit cards, debit and cash are accepted in person.

Sustainable Events Checklist

Hosting an event at a City of Yellowknife facility? Here's some helpful tips for event organizers on running a sustainable, zero waste, bottled water free, energy conscious event. Click here.

For more information contact our Sustainable Projects Coordinator at 920.5657 or

Sustainable Events Checklist image