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Schools, Gymnasiums and Fields


The City of Yellowknife oversees the rental of classrooms, gymnasiums and fields at local schools during evenings and weekends.  User groups must sign a "use permit" prior to the rental, which outlines the provisions for supervision, insurance and security, use of equipment and damage. 

Please review the Rules and Guidelines for renting classroom space, gymnasiums and fields.

Rental Fees

The rental rates, availability, and restrictions for schools, gymnasiums and fields vary depending on the venue.  Current rates can be viewed below.  As of January 1, 2015, the facility rental rates now include the Infrastructure Replacement Fee.

For additional information about availability and bookings, please visit our Bookings and Rentals page or contact the Booking Clerk.

Classrooms & Multiplex PSAV Room Fee (per hour) Fees effective September 1, 2019
Youth $11.75 $12.00
Youth/Adult $17.50 $18.00
Adult $23.25 $24.00
PSAV Room - Corporate $57.25 $59.00
Large Gyms (Sir John, St. Pat's, Weledeh) Fee (per 50 mins.) Fee Effective September 1, 2019 (per 50 min)
Youth $31.25 $32.25
Youth/Adult $47.00 $48.50
Adult $62.50 $64.50


Medium Gyms (J.H. Sissons, Range Lake, St. Joseph, Willliam McDonald, Multiplex) Fee (per 50 mins.) Fee Effective September 1, 2019 (per 50 min)
Youth $22.25 $23.00
Youth/Adult $33.50 $34.50
Adult $44.50 $45.75


Small Gyms (Mildred Hall, N.J. Macpherson) Fee (per 50 mins.) Fee Effective September 1, 2019 (per 50 min)
Youth $17.75  $18.25
Youth/Adult $26.50  $27.25
Adult $35.25  $36.25


Multiplex Gym - corporate, bingos, fundraising* Fee Fee Effective September 1, 2019
Daily gym rental rate (8 hours) $891.75/day $918.50/day
Hourly rate (maximum of 7 hours) $104.25/hour $107.50/hour
Floor coverings $134.25 $138.25

*including tradeshows, conferences, parties, private functions, weddings, dances, concerts, cabarets, etc.

Tables, chairs, stage, etc. extra


Tournaments/Special Events Fee (per day) Fee Effective September 1, 2019 (per day)
Large gym  - Adult $502.75 $517.75
Large gym - Youth $251.50 $259.00
Medium gym* - Adult $427.00 $439.75
Medium gym* - Youth $213.50 $220.00

*other than Multiplex gym


Commercial Special Events Fee Fee Effective September 1, 2019
Weledeh/St. Patrick's school Twin $167.50/hour $172.50/hour/per side
Weledeh/St. Patrick's gymnasium complex



$960.75/per side


Parker Park ball diamonds; St. Joseph, Wm. McDonald & Range Lake school soccer fields Fee Fee Effective September 1, 2019
Adult season use $285.00/team $293.50/team
Youth season use $142.50/team $146.75/team
Adult casual use $40.00/hour $41.25/hour
Youth casual use $20.00/hour $20.50/hour
Adult tournament (per diamond) $230.25/day $237.25/day
Adult/Youth tournament (per diamond) $172.75/day $178.00/day
Youth tournament (per diamond) $115.25/day $118.75/day


Wm. McDonald, N.J. Macpherson, Mildred Hall & Range Lake school ball diamonds Fee Fee Effective September 1, 2019
Youth season use $29.75/team $30.75/team
Youth casual use $14.50/hour $15.00/hour

Tenants are responsible for their own infield maintenance.  If the City workforce maintains the field, the tenant will be charged on a cost of service basis.