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Event Updates

The City is pleased to announce the remaining 2020 waste related event schedule. Events are set to take place as follows:

"What Goes Where" Contest: October 19 - 25, 2020. 

The City is hosting a “What Goes Where Contest” through our ReCollect Platform where residents are invited to complete a quiz on the City’s Waste Diversion Programs. Study up before by exploring our website and take the quiz at the bottom of this page by clicking on the "Enter to Win" tab between now and October 25, 2020.  The winners will be announced on Monday, October 26, 2020.

The 5 residents with the highest score will each win a $25 gift card for one of the following local businesses that promote and practice waste diversion in their operations:

  • NWT Brewery;
  • Copperhouse;
  • Old Town Glassworks;
  • Birchwood Coffee Kǫ̀; or
  • The Second Hand Swap Shop (Quality Furniture). 

Salvage and Repair Event: Sunday, October 25, 2020.

The City is partnering with Ecology North to present “Salvage and Repair,” a Waste Reduction Week event held at the Public Drop-off Area of the Solid Waste Facility (SWF) on Sunday, October 25, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.* During the event residents can:

  • Have clothing, technology, bikes or furniture repaired** by Ecology North, YZF Tech Repairs, Old Town Bike Works or Makerspace on-site (when possible), or create an appointment for a later date;
  • Discuss best practices for repairing materials with local businesses;
  • Drop off salvageable materials at the PDO area (only items destined for the event will be accepted free of charge, garbage will not be accepted for free and will be charged the $10 minimum entry fee. Please note classifying a load as garbage is at the discretion of the Gatehouse Attendant);
  • Speak with local businesses that assist with waste diversion in Yellowknife;
  • Enjoy complimentary refreshments (Bring your own mugs if possible); and
  • Speak with City Staff to learn about the PDO area and waste diversion at the City of Yellowknife.

*All Public Health Orders currently in effect in the NWT will be adhered to and physical distancing measures will be in effect.

**Repair costs are at the discretion of the business. Please note, some items may require an appointment outside of the event in order to be repaired. Depending on attendance, the event may end earlier than 4:15 p.m.



Amnesty Days: Saturday, December 26, 2020. During this event, the SWF will be waiving the residential tipping fee. Other tipping fees and surcharges still apply. For full details, visit

Salvaging: During SWF opening hours, from 11 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday, salvaging may take place in the Public Drop-Off area. For the safety of the public and SWF staff, please follow all guidelines as issued by the Chief Public Health Officer and all signage in place.

For the latest information and to find out what the City is doing in preparation of COVID-19, visit

 Public Access to the Solid Waste Facility (SWF)

Residents can access the Public Drop-off (PDO) at the Solid Waste Facility (SWF) to dispose of their waste from 11:00 a.m to 4:15 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. The SWF is located on the old Highway No. 4 in Yellowknife. 

Please note: The SWF is be closed to the public every Monday.

 Contractor Access to the Solid Waste Facility (SWF)

Contractors (i.e. registered account holders) can continue to access the SWF  7 days a week, during regular business hours and the City will continue residential waste collection.

Please note: Saturday and Sunday there will be no access to the Construction and Demolition landfill (i.e. up the hill) and all waste must be disposed of in the designated area within the PDO.

 Curbside Cart Collection

The City has returned to the regular biweekly cart collection schedule. Should you have a problem with your garbage collection, please call (867) 669.3406 or email

Please verify your collection schedule at the bottom of this page.  You can create and print off a schedule personalized for your address using the "Get a calendar" button on the My Schedule feature below.  You are also able to sign up to receive reminders prior to your collection day using the "Get a reminder!" button.

Please note: Under the Solid Waste Management By-law, garbage can be placed at the curb after 6:00 p.m. the night before collection, or before 7:00 a.m. the morning of collection to ensure that all garbage is picked up.

 Recycling Depots

There are six blue bin recycling depots located across town for the public to use as required. For location information and a list of what to take to the recycling depots, please visit

Please note: Recycling depots are only for recyclables placed inside the blue bins. Materials left outside of the bins results in additional cleanup costs for the City and are considered illegal dumping.

City of Yellowknife Strategic Waste Management Plan

Our 2017 disposal rate was 1100 kg per capita. 

That's a high number when compared to the national average of 701 kg/ capita.  High disposal rates result in high costs to taxpayers and the environment. The City recently commissioned a Strategic Waste Management Report that outlines key recommendations that Council can consider in order to address our high disposal rate. 

Access the waste audit and report here.


 Where are the green organics bins for [residents] in apartments?
A top priority for the next two years is increasing the amount of apartments, condos and townhouses that are equipped with organics dumpsters/carts. There are already a few multi-family unit (MFU) buildings that have an organic (green) dumpster located on their property. This is the result of property managers working together with the City and our local service provider (Kavanaugh). The City is here to support interested MFU property owners and will provide how-to guides for residents along with kitchen catchers.  Please see below for information on requesting a green bin at your apartment.
 Why are there no organic dumpsters by the Blue Bin stations?
The City appreciates residents’ anticipation for city-wide organics recycling.  We are working to expand the organics collection to MFUs across the city. The tipping fees for organics is considerably lower than for “regular” garbage and we are looking to MFU property managers and condo boards to take the opportunity to rethink how they provide waste services to their tenants/property owners.
 Has curbside recycling been considered by the City?
The 2018 Strategic Waste Management Report recommends focusing our efforts on organics diversion and supporting businesses, apartments and condos with waste reduction and diversion opportunities.  Curbside recycling requires extensive sorting of the collected materials.
 What happens to cardboard when it’s recycled? Can cardboard go in the organic carts/dumpster?

When cardboard is recycled at the blue bin stations, City staff haul it to the solid waste facility where it is baled and stockpiled. Once there are enough bales to fill a trailer, the load is shipped down to Edmonton to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is sorted and introduced to the global market.

The goal is to separate the cardboard so that the City has a “resource” that can have multiple use.  There are other options for cardboard once it is sorted: in the future, it can potentially be integrated into our organics processing. There are also feasibility studies to explore its use and viability as an energy source.  Whatever option we decide in the future, the sorting of cardboard is important and we thank those who work to properly sort their discarded cardboard. Cardboard is technically compostable but must be processed and added in a way that doesn’t affect the end product compost.  For this reason, we ask that residents continue to use the blue bins for cardboard recycling.

 How much of the disposal rate tonnage per capita is from industry?

As per the 2018 Strategic Waste Management report, Yellowknife’s 2017 disposal rate was 1100 kg per capita.  According to Statistics Canada, the national average (for 2014) was 701 kg per capita.  These numbers include both industry waste and residential waste.

Industry does contribute to a significant part of this.  It is estimated that the Construction and Demolition sector (C&D) accounts for 35% (385 kg/capita).  In the case of YK, small businesses and multi-family units are grouped together and contribute for 35% of the disposal rate.  Targeted campaigns and economic incentives have been recommended in the Plan to support businesses and industries in reducing their waste.

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