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RCMP: 669-1111 Fire & Ambulance: 873-2222

Ice Measurement and Safety


Ice Rescue Training


Yellowknife Fire Division
100 Taylor Road
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P4

Mailing Address:
4807 - 52 Street
P.O. Box 580
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N4
P. 867-766-5500
F. 867-766-5509

Yellowknife Ice Thickness Measurements

With the cooler temperatures, the ice is forming earlier than usual this year.  For your safety, please stay off the ice until it measures 6" (15cm)

Please call 873-2222 if you see that someone has fallen through the ice or is in distress.

Ice testing on lakes in and around Yellowknife (see map), completed by the Great Slave Snowmobile Association, will begin November 2 and will continue until the ice thickness measures 6" (15cm).

Safety Tips

The City of Yellowknife Fire Division strongly recommends that you stay off the ice until it measures 6 inches thick. Please be careful when traveling on the ice, especially in a vehicle or on a machine, and keep these tips in mind:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Travel with a partner
  • Ice thickness varies, there are always areas of weakness
  • Carry dry clothing and matches with you
  • If you are unsure of the ice thickness, drill a test hole or stay off of the ice entirely
What to do if the person you are with falls through the ice:
  • Keep calm
  • Don't run up to the hole; you may fall through as well
  • Use an item to throw or extend to the victim, such as jumper cables, skis, rope or push a boat ahead of you
  • Get immediate medical assistance for the victim; people subjected to the extreme cold may seem fine after being rescued, but could still be at risk of life threatening conditions
  • If you are unable to rescue the victim, call the Fire Division
What to do if you fall in the ice:
  • Remain calm and look towards the shore
  • Place your hands and arms on the unbroken surface of the ice
  • Work forward on the ice by kicking your feet; this will assist you in keeping your body horizontal and help you "swim" out of the hole in the ice
  • If the ice breaks, maintain your position and slide forward again; if this doesn't work - keep trying!
  • Once you are lying on the ice, don't stand up, instead roll away from the hole
  • Crawl back through your original track and ensure that your weight is spread out until you are on solid ice or on shore
  • Seek immediate medical assistance

 Ice Measuresments - 2016

Note: Ice measurements have been completed as all areas tested have reached 6 inches.

A huge thank you to Great Slave Snowmobile Association Trail Riders for their assistance in ice testing.

Back Bay (beside 34 Morrison) NE  7    center  Nov 21
Back Bay (Wardair Dock) NE  6.5    center  Nov 21
Dettah Ice Road (School Draw) NE  6.5    500 Nov 26
Niven Lake NE  6    100  Nov 14
Yellowknife Bay (Boat Launch) NE  6.5    middle of channel  Nov 26
Yellowknife Bay (by Air Tindi) NE  6    middle channel  Nov 21
Fault Lake NW  6    center  Nov 21
Long Lake Plane Launch NW  7    400  Nov 14
Long Lake Boat Launch NW  6    20  Nov 14
Stock Lake (Jackfish) bottom of sliding hill NW  6.5    500  Nov 21
Frame Lake (by City Hall) S  6    350  Nov 14
Frame Lake (by Co-Op) S  6    500  Nov 21
Kam Lake (by City Garage) S  7    500  Nov 21
Kam Lake (off Curry Drive) S  6    500  Nov 21
Pond behind Kasteel Drive S  6.5    middle  Nov 14
Range Lake (behind Circle K) S  6.5    500  Nov 14
Range Lake (by Parker Field) S  6    350  Nov 14
Rat Lake S  6    middle  Nov 14