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Wildfire Information




The City of Yellowknife is moving ahead with the Yellowknife Community Wildfire Protection Plan  which identified specific high risk areas around the City that would benefit from vegetation reduction measures to lower the threat of forest fires impacting the city. 

The City is working to update this 5 year Plan by taking into account development in the highest risk areas since the report was first released in 2012.

 In anticipation of the update results, this fall the focus on fuel removal will be in the following areas:

  1.  Engle Business District.  Remove all fuels (clear cut) 30m from the property lines on the north and west sides of Engle Business District.
  2. Range Lake Trail:  Selective fuel removal from the property line to the trail.  This includes:
  • Thin spruce and pine to achieve 2 – 3 m crown spacing
  • Remove deciduous shrub understory
  • Remove all dead standing and dead fall coniferous and deciduous trees
  • Retain all live deciduous overstory stems
  • Prune limbs to 2 meters above the ground
  • Remove debris (homeowners are free to take what they want before it is removed)

 For more information please call Gerda Groothuizen at 766-5502 ( or Eric Bussey @ 920-5661 ( 

Read  through our 2012 Final Yellowknife Community Wildfire Protection Plan(CWPP). This plan will be updated shortly to include recent development.