The City of Yellowknife (the City) would like to inform residents it will be collecting 360̊ video imagery to identify the location and condition of roads and roadside assets (e.g. traffic lights, signs, etc.).   

Using image analysis to determine road condition is a cutting edge approach that will allow the City to assess road conditions more completely, and more often, at a fraction of the price of other methods. This information is critical to improve long-term planning and funding of the maintenance and replacement of these assets, which are cornerstones of effective Asset Management.

Residents may see the scanning vehicle around town from July 19 until July 29.

Residents can check when the scanning vehicle may be in their neighbourhood by looking at the project schedule at (subject to update with changes in weather).

The City recognizes there may be concerns about what imagery is collected and how it is used. The City is committed to collecting and using imagery data responsibly, while maintaining privacy and the protection of personal information:

  • The City will only share imagery which includes personal information when needed to support the delivery of services;
  • The City will only share imagery containing personal information externally under the terms of agreements which contain appropriate clauses to ensure the protection of privacy and personal information;
  • The City will not sell or rent personal information collected in imagery;
  • The City will keep imagery containing personal information only for as long as needed to support the delivery of services;
  • The City will safeguard imagery containing personal information in accordance with IT security best practices; and
  • The City will limit access to imagery containing personal information to the employees who require it in the course of delivering services.