The City of Yellowknife is asking residents to provide feedback on proposed changes to Yellowknife’s Transit services - through the YK Transit Realign project - until November 30. Changes to routes, services and infrastructure are being presented for feedback on the City’s PlaceSpeak survey page or in person. 

The proposals are an outcome of Yellowknife’s Public Transit Review, which focused on developing a clear and implementable plan for improving Yellowknife’s current transit services. In keeping with the public’s top priorities for a more direct, frequent, and easy to use system, the draft proposals show how routes could be restructured to connect more efficiently across Yellowknife.

Proposed changes include:

- The introduction of the YK Connector Route that would offer frequent service every 30 minutes, during peak hours;

- Increased directness, efficiency and hours of operation of routes serving key corridors and destinations like the Stanton Territorial Hospital, Walmart, Old Town, N’dilo, Ruth Inch Memorial Pool and downtown; and

- To serve the growing neighborhoods of Kam Lake and Grace Lake developments, a new route into Kam Lake has been added.

“Public Transit is an important service that the City of Yellowknife provides to residents and visitors. I believe the changes made to the routes and scheduling will improve the overall experience of using our transit system, and follows the guiding principles which were identified at the start of the project,” said Mayor Rebecca Alty.

The following goals were used as guiding principles to draft the changes to the Yellowknife Transit System:

  • Maximizing Efficiency within the existing budget to utilize infrastructure and routes to their full potential, while best serving Yellowknife residents and transit riders.
  • Improving Frequency and Access to Key Destinations during peak commuter hours to ensure Yellowknife residents and transit riders are offered consistent service in travelling to the locations that are accessed the most.
  • Ensuring Safety and Accessibility by enhancing visibility of transit, improving passenger waiting facilities and prioritizing snow removal at bus stops. 
  • Rebranding YATS to YK Flex to update the Yellowknife Accessible Transit System to a modernized system with enhanced customer service.

To provide feedback on the proposed Yellowknife Transit changes, residents can attend an open house on November 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the YK Centre main floor or can submit it online through the City’s PlaceSpeak page. Participants will be entered into a draw to win a free one-year transit pass.