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Property Assessment


Each property is assessed for the purposes of calculating the taxes owed to the City each year. Both land and improvements are assessed to provide a combined assessed value for taxation purposes.

An assessment notice is mailed to each property owner in January of each year. Ratepayers are encouraged to review this notice for any errors or omissions. Each notice will indicate:

  • Assessed Value of Land for the prior year and the current year
  • Assessed Value of Improvements for the prior year and the current year
  • The current school tax support share

How can I check the accuracy of my assessment?

Compare your assessment with other similar properties in your neighbourhood. For land comparisons, ensure similarity of location, lot size and zoning. For building comparisons, ensure similarity of age, quality, style and size.

You can also check the accuracy of the assessor's measurements and calculations by arranging for an appointment with the assessor. If you'd like to have a printout of assessment breakdown, please contact the Taxation Division at 920-5625 or 920-5664.