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Waste Wizard helps you figure out what goes in what bin.

Waste Wizard


Recycling helps to reduce waste, conserve expensive space in the landfill, and conserve resources like trees, fossil fuels and metals by making the used materials available for new products.

The City of Yellowknife is committed to improving its recycling programs and helping residents reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill. Help us reach this goal by doing your part to reduce waste in your everyday life!

Check out our Recycling Award Winners to find out about those committed to recycling.

How to Recycle in Yellowknife

Where and What to Recycle

The City will be updating its Recycling Guide to better reflect recent developments in our waste management efforts.  Look out for a brand new edition in the upcoming months!

The blue bin station maps listed in the  current version of the Yellowknife's Recycling Guide are still applicable.


Recycling Update

Recycling just got a little easier! Both White Paper and Mixed Paper can now go in the same Blue Bin Station compartment. Previously, the two types had to be seperated. See Blue Bin Stations for more information on what goes in the Mixed Paper Bin.

Excluding type 6 styrofoam, the City now accepts mixed plastics (type 1 through to type 7) at the blue bin stations!

Beverage bottles and certain electronics can be recycled at the Bottle Shop thanks to the Environmental and Natural Resources Department of the Government of the Northwest Territories.