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Water and Sewer


The Public Works and Engineering Department is responsible for the maintenance of the system. This  includes pumping and treatment, frost protection, water meters, maintenance of reservoirs, fixing water leaks, looking after water mains, maintenance of the sewer system, the storm sewer system, lift stations, and the sewage lagoons.

Please be advised that noisy water pipes or sinking ground could be indications of a service break. Should you have any concerns please report them to the City.


Piped Water and Sewer

The majority of the City of Yellowknife is on piped water and sewer service.

The current piped water and sewage system is composed of 6 pumphouses, a Water Treatment Plant, and 14 lift stations, Aditionally there is 62 km of buried water main and a slightly smaller quantity of sewer main, poly summer water line (above grade generally), approximate 11 km of forcemain, and a sewage lagoon system complete with control structures.

The City of Yellowknife Public Works Department flushes and cleans the entire City water system on an annual basis in order to ensure a safe, healthy and odorless supply 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

To insure our water remains at the highest standard for domestic use, continuous CL2 monitoring is done 24/7 at 7 locations. Elevations in the reservoir and bacteriological samples are done monthly at three locations.

Trucked Water and Sewer

Only Old Town, Latham Island, Ndilo, Kam Lake Industrial Park, Grace Lake, Con and Rycon Trailer Park, commercial buildings at the Airport and some commercial buildings along Old Airport Road receive truck water delivery and sewage pumpout. Trucking currently services approximately 680 residents or just under 4% of the population not including commercial/industrial demand (about 1,600 employees).

Surface Water Lines

Summer water lines are located north of School Draw Avenue, in Old Town and on Latham Island.

  • Start-up: June 4, 2018  (water lines will be turned on and residents can connect service lines)
    • Delivery schedules shall remain in place up to and including June 4  so that residents are not without water during the start-up process.
  • Shut- Down: September 17, 2018 (lines are to be disconnected from each residence)
    • Residents are asked to ensure tanks are full prior to 7:00am on September 17 as delivery schedules will not resume until the first normally scheduled day following this date.

Water and Sewer Registration, Discontinuation and Pre-authorized Payment

To register for water, sewer and garbage services, please complete the appropriate registration form below.  There will be a fee applied to your first utility bill for setting up these services.

Residential Utility Connect Form

Commercial Utility Connect Form

You can sign up to pay for utilities, or update new payment information, with our Pre-Authorized Payment form.

If you need to update your existing credit card expiry date, please complete the Updated Credit Card Expiry Date form.

To cancel your existing Pre-Authorized Payment, please click here.

To discontinue water, sewer and garbage services, please complete the Utility Disconnect Form.

If you have an existing account and would like to sign up to have your bill emailed each month, please complete the ESend Request Form.

Freeze Protection

Preventing your water and sewer lines from freezing is an important homeowner responsibility. Use the Water Line Freeze Protection Tips to ensure your pipes don't freeze in the winter.

Service Connection Failure Program

In the event of a water or sewer connection failure, the City may be able to help offset the associated costs with the Service Connection Failure Program.