The City of Yellowknife is unveiling its new emergency email notification system, which allows residents to sign up to receive immediate updates to their inboxes during an emergency situation.  This system will send residents an email with emergency updates when they occur, and will provide information on where people can go to get more details.

Residents are encouraged to join to stay up-to-date on City of Yellowknife critical public safety updates.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the same as the Emergency Alert Notification System the Government of the Northwest Territories operates which sends a notification right to your cellular device, nor is it meant to replace these notifications. This is an email list, so notifications will not go directly to your cell phone, but rather will land in your email inbox.

Stop by the City of Yellowknife’s booth at the Trade Show this weekend to sign up and learn more! Those who sign up with our staff at the Trade show can be entered to win some items for their own emergency kit.

How to subscribe:

  1. Go to the Subscribe page by scrolling to the bottom of this page or click here.
  2. Fill out your personal information including first and last name and email address.
  3. Scroll to the Alerts section and check the box that says “City of Yellowknife Emergency Email Notifications.”
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit.”
  5. Go to your email address to ensure you got the confirmation email. This may take a few minutes. If you do not receive it, please double check you have used the correct email address.
  6. Click the link in the email to confirm your subscription to the City of Yellowknife Emergency Email Notifications.

“This emergency email notification system is crucial to providing residents with timely information about emergency situations, as up-to-date and trusted information is key,” said Mayor Rebecca Alty. “By subscribing to these notifications, you are taking an important step in your emergency preparedness journey.”