The City of Yellowknife reminds residents that deliberately abandoning waste on public or private property like garbage, mattresses, furniture, appliances, construction materials and tires, is considered illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping also includes disposing of garbage and other non-recyclable items at the blue bin recycling stations. Items are not permitted to be dumped outside of the blue bins. Acceptable materials to be disposed at blue bin recycling stations include: plastics, tin cans, glass, paper and cardboard. Compost and all other household garbage should be placed in black (garbage) or green (compost) curbside containers or brought directly to the Solid Waste Facility.  All construction waste should be brought to the Solid Waste Facility.

“When waste is illegally dumped in our community, it hurts us all. It is an eyesore and a health, safety and environmental hazard. Illegal dumping needs to be cleaned up and disposed of by either City staff, which takes them away from essential services, or by a contractor, which costs the City. In the end, all residents of Yellowknife pay for illegal dumping,” said Chris Greencorn, the Director of Public Works & Engineering.

There is no excuse for illegal dumping. Most materials can be disposed of for free or for minimal cost through the City’s curbside programs or delivered to the Solid Waste Facility. There is an area at the Solid Waste Facility set aside for items that are considered salvageable. 

If you see someone dump it, report it immediately!

There are two easy ways to report illegal dumping:

Phone: (867) 920-5630 or email:

Offenders may be subject to fines.