The City of Yellowknife, together with Transdev, are pleased to announce the launch of the new Yellowknife Transit Fleet, comprising of eight accessible buses. These buses will soon begin to be incorporated into routes as the City transitions to the new fleet. All Yellowknife transit buses, servicing both regular and express routes, will be fully wheelchair accessible, marking a significant milestone in enhancing transportation accessibility for all residents.

To highlight this launch, the City is hosting an unveiling event for the new accessible buses at the Fieldhouse on Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, starting at 10 a.m. Members of the media are invited to attend and will have the exclusive opportunity to tour the new buses, explore their innovative features, and engage with staff to gain insights into the enhancements made.

Two new buses for the Yellowknife Accessible Transit System (YATS) are anticipated to arrive in Yellowknife later this summer.

With this change, the Find My Bus feature will be out of service until the summer so tracking devices can be upgraded and installed into the new buses.

About the buses:

The new conventional transit fleet will feature:

  • A fully accessible uniform fleet for all transit routes, including express routes;
  • Two (2) wheelchair capacity per bus;
  • ADA compliant “Kneeling buses” with loading ramp;
  • Three (3) spare vehicles to increase service reliability;
  • Improved air-ride suspension, which provides more comfort to riders and fewer breakdowns;
  • Improved environmental emissions control;
  • Improved fare boxes; and
  • New branding of the fleet to YKTransit with updated logo.

Some additional features will be installed later this year including:

  • Updated real time bus tracking with PassioGo to replace Find My Bus;
  • Automated stop announcements;
  • Automated passenger counters.

Yellowknife Accessible Transit Service (YATS) will be getting a new fleet later this year. Those vehicles will feature:

  • Robust rear side door lift;
  • All-wheel drive;
  • Improved suspension;
  • Improved fare boxes; and
  • New branding of the fleet to YK Flex, with new logo.