As we welcome spring and the warmer temperatures it brings, the City of Yellowknife (the City) reminds residents of important changes happening around the city and precautions that should be taken during the spring melt season.

Roads and Sidewalks

  • Exercise extreme caution, particularly in mornings and evenings, as daily temperature changes cause slippery road and sidewalk conditions;
  • Before May 15 as per By-law No. 5055 property owners or occupants with a public sidewalk are asked to sweep their sidewalk to clear dirt, sand, and gravel and pick up garbage from the curb to help keep Yellowknife clean;
  • The City thanks residents for their patience as crews begin work to repair leaks, perform road maintenance, and complete general spring repairs and street cleaning as quickly as possible; and,
  • To report hazards around town, use the City’s Click & Fix Application or call 920-5600.

Driving with Caution

  • Drivers are asked to slow down, drive with caution, and avoid driving through accumulated water while spring road maintenance is underway.
  • Take care not to splash pedestrians when driving by during the spring melt season.

Property Maintenance

  • Clear snow from roofs and awnings to avoid injury to pedestrians walking by or into your house or business.
  • If proper drainage is not in place during the spring melt, water can accumulate in basements, under trailers, as backyard ponds, or flow onto adjacent properties. To minimize property damage and inconvenience, residents should explore drainage solutions such as pumps and drainage channels to avoid water pooling.

Outdoor Rinks and Thinning Ice

  • Outdoor rinks may close with little or no notice, due to warming weather.
  • Remember, as temperatures increase, ice will begin to weaken. Signs of weak ice include water covering the ice and a change in ice color from clear to milky. Avoid weak ice and areas around protruding rocks or objects.

Scoop the Poop

  • Particularly as snow begins to melt, remember to Scoop the Poop and help keep our community healthy and clean.