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RCMP: 669-1111 Fire & Ambulance: 873-2222

Fire Prevention


Yellowknife Fire Division
100 Taylor Road
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P4

Mailing Address:
4807 - 52 Street
P.O. Box 580
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N4

P. (867) 766-5500
F. (867) 766-5509
Email Yellowknife Fire Division

Deputy Fire Chief Life Safety and Prevention
P. 867-766-5502
Email Deputy Fire Chief, Life Safety and Prevention


Fire - it's Everyone's Fight

This initiative has been created to unite the Yellowknife Fire Division with our local businesses, professionals, and families in an effort to:

Reduce home fire injuries, deaths and property loss by changing how people think about fire and fire prevention.

Remind homeowners of THEIR roles and responsibilities in fire awareness and prevention.

Reiterate to business owners of THEIR monthly and annual responsibilities under the National Fire Code.

Reinforce the life safety importance of our community uniting together in the fight against fires.

Recognize the power of partnership as a critical means of marketing and delivering accurate and consistent safety messages into the community.


 The following new and exciting programs are available to the public:

Get Out and Stay Out Program

Interactive Presentations for K-G4, and G5-8

To be good at something, you have to practice!  Well, don't worry, every school year, the Yellowknife Fire Division offers all schools the ability to schedule our exciting, fun, and memorable program called GET OUT and STAY OUT!  Practicing fire safety has never been so much fun!  Whether you're just starting Kindergarten or in grade 9, this program is for you!  GET OUT and STAY OUT program covers exactly what your kids should know.  Topics include:

  • What # to call
  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Meeting Place
  • GET OUT means get out
  • STAY OUT means stay out
  • Plan 'A'
  • Plan 'B'
  • Smoke alarms
  • Bedroom doors
 Get out and Stay Out 2 Program

 Presentations for G9-12

Part 2 is for all you teenagers out there!  Think you're ready for babysitting?  Ready to go out and get a job?  Want to move out on your own?  As you get closer to graduation, the Get Out and Stay Out - PART 2 program is our most in depth fire safety program designed to get your Teenagers ready for life after high school.  Think you'd pass?

  • Reinforcement of fire safety knowledge
  • Preparation for moving out of the home
  • Responsible practices for living on your own
  • Workplace safety preparation
 Senior Safe Program

Knowing what to do in the event of a fire is particularly important for older adults. At age 65, people are twice as likely to be killed or injured by fires compared to the population at large. With our numbers growing every year - in the United States and Canada, adults age 65 and older make up about 12 percent of the population - it's essential to take the necessary steps to stay safe.

To increase fire safety for older adults, The Yellowknife Fire Division offers the following engaging, interactive Senior Safe Program that offers a whole variety of topics such as:

  • Evacuation fire drills
  • Bedroom doors
  • Kitchen safety
  • Smoking safety
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Electrical Safety
 Workplace Fire Safety Program

Fire can break out anywhere, including where you work!  If a fire started in your office or in the building where you work, would you know what to do? Do you know your workplace evacuation procedures in the event of an alarm? What can you do to prevent fires in your workplace?

Who's responsibility is it?  Knowing the answers to these questions and following a few simple fire safety procedures can prevent tragic and wasteful fire loss in your workplace.  Our Fire Safety in the Workplace program covers a whole lot of information including:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of employers
  • Roles and Responsibilities of employees
  • Fire Protection Equipment in your workplace
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Drills
  • Accountability
  • National Fire Code Maintenance Requirements
 Fire - The Danger with Disabilities Program

The identity of the group of Canadians with disabilities is constantly changing -- at any moment we ourselves could become part of this group, for maybe a short time or maybe for a long time.  The Yellowknife Fire Division is committed to developing strategies and fire safety educational materials for people with disabilities.  Fire - The Dangers With Disabilities is a program we have developed for people with a variety of disabilities including:

  • Deaf / Hard of Hearing 
  • Blind / Visually Impaired
  • Special Needs
  • Autism
  • Mobility
 Fire - its Everyone's Fight

Why is Fire everyone's fight?  Because we can't protect the city alone, we need your help!  We can teach your children what to do if ever there's a fire in their home, but no matter how much your child learns, they cannot make their home safer without your help.  Only you can do that.  Schedule our Fire - It's Everyone's Fight presentation for your next conference, block party, meeting, etc.  Be sure to bring a pencil and paper, this program has it all!    

  • General Presentation encompassing fire safety from all programs
  • Great for conferences, assemblies, etc.


 To Request a Fire Safety Presentation Click Here.