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2018 Franklin Avenue Construction

Franklin Avenue lane closures will begin Monday, May 28, 2018 please click here for map.
Franklin Avenue full road closure will begin Wednesday, May 30, 2018 please click here for map.
2018 Paving - Contract A - Franklin Avenue (Norseman Drive to Old Airport Road)
NWT Construction Ltd.
Start Date: May 28, 2018
Work scheduled for 2018 Paving Contract A includes asphalt resurfacing from Norseman Drive to Old Airport Road, curb and gutter replacement, installation of a 3 metre asphalt pathway on each side of the road and improvements to street lighting.
Franklin Avenue Phase I & II
Contractor: NWT Construction  Ltd.
Start Date: May 28, 2018
A two year project that was awarded to NWT Construction Ltd. in 2017. Work includes asphalt resurfacing between Norseman Drive and Gitzel Street, replacement of curb and gutter, street lighting upgrades,  installation of a 3 metre asphalt pathway on each side of the street and installation of new bus pullouts. Replacement 350m of Sanitary Sewer Pipe between Forrest Drive and Gitzel Street and replacement of an existing fire hydrant and vault near Pumphouse No. 3.
Contractor: ACE Enterprises Ltd.
Start Date: Finlayson - 4th week of July, Lamoureux - 2nd week of July, Calder - 4th week of August
Paving Contract C includes asphalt reaplcement on Calder Crescent, Lamoureux Rd and Finlayson Drive (Between Cinnamon Crt. and Finlayson Crt) . Other acitivity will include installation of curb and gutter and replacement of any existing sidewalks. All streets under this contract are partially funded by the Federal Canadian Water and Waste Water Fund (CWWF).
Contractor: NWT Construction  Ltd.
Start Date: TBD
Three projects under Paving Contract D will have the existing gravel roads upgraded to a paved surface. Those projects include Engle Business District Phase I, Grace Lake Blvd., and Northlands Trailer Park Phase I. Streets to be paved under Northlands Trailers Park Phase I include: Anson Drive, Catalina Drive, and Norseman Drive.
The forth project under Contract D is paving of Williams Avenue which is intended to reinstate all areas of Williams Avenue, Beck Court and Inukshuk Housing affected by the 2017 Water and Sewer repairs. Work related to Williams Avenue includes installation of a new asphalt surface, new curb and gutter, new concrete sidewalk, and installation of a new asphalt pathway between Williams Avenue and Woolgar Avenue.
Contractor: ACE Enterprises Ltd.
Start Date: 3rd week of May

Paving in Block 501 will have the existing gravel roads upgraded to a paved surface. The work includes installation of a new asphalt surface, new curb and gutter and new concrete sidewalk.

2018 W&S - Contract A - Dagenais Drive
Contractor: RTL Robinson Ltd.
Start Date: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018
Contract A - Dagenais Drive will include replacement of approximately 450m of  watermain, sanitary sewer piping and residential services. All fire hydrant vaults within the project area will be also be replaced. The remaining 200m section of Dagenais Drive is scheduled  in 2019.
2018 School Draw Parking Lot Improvements
Contractor: NWT Construction  Ltd.
Start Date: TBD
Improvements to the School Draw Parking Lot will include installation of approximately 2500 sq. m. of paved parking area for vehicles and boat trailers as well as required hardscaping features.  
This project will include relocation of power and communication infrastructure from overhead services to buried services at the intersection of 44th Street and Franklin Avenue. Traffic signals will then be installed and commissioned once all underground work is completed.
2018 Solid Waste Facility Improvements
Start Date: TBD
Installation of a 2nd weigh station is planned for this summer in order to incorporate a weigh in/weigh out system at the solid waste facility to better understand the quantity of waste entering and existing the site.Other improvements scheduled for 2018 include installation of additional transfer station bins available for the public to drop off items into and to improve the access to the new cells (A&B) with the installation of an automatic gate.Lastly,  several ground water monitoring wells are planned to be installed around the solid waste facility for improved sampling and analysis.
2018 Twin Pine Hill Trails and Viewing Deck
Start Date: TBD
Phase II of the Twin Pine Hill Trail system is planned for 2018 which will include installation of a viewing deck.
2018 Bike Park
Contractor: TBD
Start Date: TBD
Completion of the Bike Park will be a multi-year project begining in 2018 with construction of a pump track located just off Cemetery Road and Old Airport Road.